Date             Lesson           Theme Notes
12 Sept Welcome back and club survey Anything goes
26 Sept Playing together Songs by the Eagles  PB & JD
10 Oct Strumming patterns Songs by the Beatles  PB & JD
24 Oct Band night - Folk Theme Similar to Electric night but with a theme
7 Nov Scales Songs from the 60s  RF
21 Nov Rehearsal for Christmas concert
28 Nov Rehearsal for Christmas concert
5 Dec Rehearsal for Christmas concert
9 Dec Christmas concert Rubery Memorial Club
16 Jan World Famous Quiz - hosted by Phil Beasley Guitar Tuning Database 
30 Jan

Open mic night

Eric Clapton songs Eric Clapton songs
13 Feb Chordbot Lite Software - Barry Jones Songs by Bob Dylan Software Link
27 Feb Playing together Songs by Elvis Presley  Groups 
13 Mar Blues & Jazz - DP & Rob Blues songs Groups
27 Mar Band Night - Country Songs  
10 Apr Playing Lead Guitar - RH Songs from the 70s
24 Apr How to write a song                           Your own songs  GL
8 May Band Night - Rock & Roll  
22 May Band Night - Folk Rock   
5 Jun Rehearsal for Summer Concert    
12 Jun Rehearsal for Summer Concert   
19 Jun Rehearsal for Summer Concert   
23 Jun Summer Concert Rubery Memorial Hall  
26 Jun Bring & Sing at Holly Hill